Permanent Makeup

My Skin and Body Solutions offers permanent eyebrows, eye liner, eyelids, and lip liner. While permanent makeup sometimes gets a bad rap, My Skin and Body Solutions offers a natural form of micro pigmentation. This procedure is especially valuable to those with skin sensitives and allergies to make up and ideal for women who are also on the go and wish to look and feel their best at all times.

Who Benefits From Permanent Makeup?

Anyone wanting to save time with their busy schedules, have light brows or no brows, have sensitive skin, have sensitive eyes, have thin lips, minimum or light eyelashes, hair loss secondary to medical conditions, wear contact lenses, are allergic to cosmetics, have tremors or arthritic hands, involved in physical activity, swimming, golf, etc.

Eye Liner – Lip Liner – Full Lips

Anyone wanting that fresh look and who doesn’t want their makeup to smear or run, for those of you who care about your appearance and want to look beautiful naturally, then permanent makeup is the answer for you.