Medical Grade Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling and Medical Grade Chemical Peels

We provide Medical Grade Microdermabrasion and Medical Grade Chemical Peels (Little Down Time):
  • TCA
  • Jessner
  • Glycolic and Lactic Acid

Enjoy the pampering and relaxation of a facial while receiving the benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness. Deep cleansing and exfoliation combined with aromatherapy steam, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Facials help to reduce an abundance of sebum (over production of oil), which is a natural substance. Over production of sebum can cause skin problems including blackheads, milia, and acne.

Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion has a biologic effect on your skin cells, wrinkles, acne scars and enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion involves a powerful vacuuming, sanding and suction process which increases microcirculation. Using a highly control flow of fine medical grade crystals to remove the dead outermost layer of the skin and revealing beautiful skin texture, tone and pore shrinkage. Results are immediate and skin will be instantly smoother.

Medical Grade Microdermabrasion: $85.00
Medical Grade Microdermabrasion with Facial and Extractions: $120.00


Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin from deep within the reticular layer where collagen and elastin are produced, as we age our collagen levels are decreased causing out skin to become loser and less resilient. Micro-needling actually creates a wound within the reticular layer therefore triggering the collagen and elastin levels to increase. Producing beautiful results for the client, the skin will be firmer as will the texture. Micro-needling is also beneficial for acne scars, pore size and stretch marks. Micro-needling is combined with serum such as hyaluronic acid that is infused into the skin, which gives the optimal results for healthier and more youthful appearance.

Micro-Needling for Face: $195.00
Micro-Needling for Face and Neck: $250.00

Chemical Peels

Green Tea Glycolic Peel: $50.00

Green Tea Glycolic Peel is a 35% glycolic acid and green tea makes this solution perfect to accelerate the healing without affecting the peelings process. Green Tea is an anti-inflammatory and alleviates redness. This quick delivering acid rejuvenates the complexion while infusing green tea deep into the skin. Glycolic acid peels are part of the alpha hydroxyl family of natural ingredients and is derived from sugar cane and fruit acid. When applied to the skin it helps remove the “glue” that holds the older, rougher and dryer skin on the surface. This is an excellent peel and leaves very little redness, if any at all. Also known as the “lunchtime” peel. You will love the fresh new glow of your skin.

Mandelic Acid Peel: $65.00 (also helps hyperpigmentation and adult and teen acne)

Mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds. M.A. induces less redness, flaking and skin irritation. Mandelic acid is a better choice for people with lots of pigmentation. Mandelic also provides excellent results when used in the treatment of acne. It can improve inflammatory pustular, comedonal, and papular acne and has been shown to be effective in individuals resistant to antibiotics. Mandelic improves uneven skin tones and overall texture.

Rosacea Medical Grade Peel: $85.00

Rosacea is a chronic congestion primarily on the cheeks and nose. Characterized by redness, dilation of the blood vessels, and in severe cases, the formation of papules and pustules. The cause is unknown, but may be due to bacteria, mites, or fungus. Certain factors are known to aggravate the condition, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, sun exposure and stress can make rosacea worse. Our rosacea medical grade peel offer ingredients that will help calm the skin and reduce future breakouts, you will see a significant difference the first time.

Acne Facial/Peel: $85.00

Acne is a primary concern for many clients seeking skin care help from an aesthetician, as severe skin problems can greatly affect a person's self-esteem. Acne, a skin disorder of the sebaceous glands, is characterized by comedones and blemishes, and is a hereditary trait which is also triggered by hormonal changes. Our acne medical grade peel is very beneficial for “drying up” current breakouts and helps with preventing future breakouts. We cleanse the skin with a high quality deep foaming cleanser and remove with warm towels and then apply a medicated purifying mask that combined with a steamer with help to infuse the ingredients from the mask into the skin. Removing the mask with warm towels and drying the skin, then High Frequency is applied to calm the skin and kill bacteria that may cause future breakouts. Then we do a light microdermabrasion onto the skin and then apply the acne peel. The client actually leaves with the transparent peel and their skin and it will remain on until washed off the next morning. We always give our clients after care instructions for their skin care at home after each facial.

Jessner Peel For The Face: $150.00
Jessner Peel For The Neck and Face: $200.00
Jessner Peel For The Neck, Face, and Chest: $300.00

This Medical Grade Jessner Peel is a popular high medium depth peel that works to improve skin health by helping to remove and heal skin damage that is more extensive than regular “wear and tear”. This chemical peel is stronger than most superficial peels. The Jessner Peel is able to offer such versatile results by combining Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Resorcinol. These three ingredients synergistically help to improve skin tone and texture by softening the bonds that hold dead skin cells together while exfoliating on the surface. A Jessner Peel can combat sun damage, age spots, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. The client will need one to 5 passes of the Jessner Peel until the skin has the “frosted” look. The client will leave with the Jessner Peel on his/her face and will wash off the next day. The esthetician will give the client full instructions on the post care of the skin. Typically, the skin will be tight like an eggshell the first day and the second and third day will appear wrinkled. The fourth and fifth day you will start to notice the peeling process and this is a crucial time not to try to “peel” the skin off yourself. By the seventh day the skin should be all peeled off!! Sunscreen, sunscreen! New skin needs to be very well protected now! You will love your new skin, but have to be careful because you can be vulnerable to sun damage, just like babies. Jessner can also be used on the hands too!

TCA Intense (pH 0.7) Peel for the Face: $195.00
TCA Intense (pH 0.7) Peel for the Face and Neck: $250.00
TCA Intense (pH 0.7) Peel for the Face, Neck, and Chest: $300.00

TCA Intense works by coagulating proteins. This process will result in epidermal destruction, giving a high medium depth peel, TCA is a chemical peel (trichloroacetic acid), which has been used to perform skin peels for over 20 years. It is a relative of vinegar (acetic acid). When TCA is applied to the skin, it causes the top layers of cells to dry up and peel off over a period of several days to one week. When the old skin is peeled off, it exposes a new layer of undamaged skin. Here is some of the wonderful benefits of a TCA peel:

  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates the skin's NMF (natural moisture factor) giving a natural affinity to the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of skin discolorations
  • Reduces comedones
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Repairs skin texture
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Some tattoo removal

This is a considered to be a strong peel, but well worth the benefits. Protocol is very similar to the Jessner Peel.


Jessner and TCA peels are considered “medium depth” chemical peels. The three main ingredients that consist in Jessner peel are: Lactic acid, which assists in the exfoliation of the skin. Salicylic acid which aids in penetration, and Resorcino acid which assists with the problem of acne and breakouts. The main ingredient that consists in a TCA peel is Trichloroacetic acid; both of these peels are applied and left on until activated the next day.

What does the peel do?

Here are some of the primary benefits of getting one of these two chemical peels:
• Helps to smooth out various fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce the appearance of acne scarring
• Reduce the appearance of large pores
• In some cases lightens areas of discoloration
• Can help loosen and reduce acne
• Assists with treatment of melasma
• Restores skin to a more healthy, youthful glow and appearance


The ingredients in these peels work together to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin by breaking up dead skin cells. The treatment encourages the natural peelings to start several days after the chemical treatment. As a general rule 2 to 5 layers are applied for the best possible results. Typically, a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer or calming mask is applied to the skin at the end of the treatment and you can go about your day and normal activities.

What to expect

First, you will experience dry, tight skin with slight redness. Your skin may also be sensitive. You can expect your skin to turn to a shade of pink to a shade of brown. It will take about a week for the old damaged skin to peel off. You will be left with a more refreshed, soft and glowing appearance to your face.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, is probably the most popular grade of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) used by Aestheticians for facial peels. Glycolic acid peels are effective, yet they tend to produce the minimum of side effects.
Most of the glycolic acid formulations used by professionals contain concentrations of 40% and higher. (By comparison, over-the-counter cosmetic AHA products contain only 3 to 10% glycolic acid, percentages with questionable usefulness).

What does it do?

Like other AHA peels, glycolic acid peels remove the top layer of dead cells on your skin, revealing a new layer that is smooth-textured. Glycolic acid (50%) peel easily penetrates your skin to exfoliate layers of dead skin cells that dull your completion to immediately expose a clear, softer, more radiant face. Glycolic will also diminish the appearance of age spots, reduce hyper pigmentation to even out skin tone, prevent blemishes and help reduce acne scarring and breakouts. Also helps to stimulate new cell growth, improving skin's elasticity. Its a great peel that requires almost no "down time" with beautiful results!