Enjoy the pampering and relaxation of a facial while receiving the benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness. Deep cleansing and exfoliation combined with aromatherapy steam, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Facials help to reduce an abundance of sebum (over production of oil), which is a natural substance. Over production of sebum can cause skin problems including blackheads, milia, and acne.

Classic Signature Facial: $50.00

No two facials are alike and each face is uniquely different, so therefore we customize each facial according to the clients needs. This relaxing facial starts with removal of all make-up using a high quality deep cleanser, removing cleanser with hot/warm towels, now we apply a high quality facial massage cream combing with aromatherapy oils and massing the face using firm but gentle motions but enough to increase blood circulation into the skin, (this also feels wonderful). Now removing cream with towels we now apply a eucalyptus mask scrub combined with hot steamer onto the face, while the client is relaxing the esthetician will exfoliate the clients face with the scrub gently. Again removing all ingredients with warm water sponges and hot/warm towels, a high quality serum is applied and then a high quality facial cream is massaged into the skin. Now you can really relax and enjoy a scalp and neck massage!

Vitamin C Facial: $95.00

Want brighter, tighter and overall better looking skin with a radiant glow? There's an ingredient for that and its simply called Vitamin C. This powerhouse ingredient is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce skin inflammation, irregular pigmentation and promotes healthy collagen production. Vitamin C is touted as an anti-aging tool. This facial includes, a deep cleansing of the face with steam and hot/warm towels, a mask combined with steam to remove all dirt and oils, a relaxing facial massage using only the highest quality botanical massage cream. Cleansing the skin again and then applying the Vitamin C Serum. We always give our clients a relaxing scalp and neck massage at the end.

Anti-Aging Facial: $95.00

This facial is also customized according to the clients skin care needs. Some clients are more focused on their lines and wrinkles and some are more focused on dry, thinning and saggy skin. Unfortunately with time and gravity and as our skin ages we lose the elastin and collagen. This anti-aging facial is wonderful for aging skin because it puts back much needed nutrients and hydration moisture into the skin. Cleansing the clients face with a high quality cleanser and removing with warm/hot towels and then applying a botanical facial massage cream combined with lavender essential oils the esthetician gently, but firmly massges the face, next she uses a special device that has a light to medium suction and this causes increased blood flow into the face and it feels good too. Increased blood flow is excellent for aging skin. Removal of product with hot/warm towels, the skin is now dried. We do a “one” pass with our medical grade microdermabrasion, this allows the skin to open sort of like a sponge so that the anti-aging ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin. Next we put on a collagen/caviar mask combined with steam and while the client is relaxing the mask hydrating the clients skin. We remove the mask with hot/warm towels and dry the clients skin and then apply hyaluronic acid and then a high quality collagen or caviar cream. The best for last is the relaxing scalp and neck massage. You leave with your skin feeling invigorated, hydrated, smoother and softer.